What is Terra Motion? Its the snap of twigs beneath the soles of your shoes, the birdsong pulsing through your ears from high in the canopy of the trees, the cool lung clearing fresh morning air circulating in and out of your lungs, the fresh smells of foliage channeling through your nose, the distant Barking baboons channeling down your spine. Its the feeling of Freedom and exploration releasing your deeply ingrained primal instinct. At the heart of it all, its the fundamental motion of moving as one with the earth, the way Nature had intended.

So whats it all about? Born out of pure passion for the outdoors, it covers every element of the Adventure Lifestyle , be it Trail Running,  Hiking, Mountain Biking or Climbing, with the occasional flash of pure exploration. The exploration of mountains, rivers and open fields. Some news, some events, some epic photography. Nothing structured or rehearsed.

Trail running