Uitsoek 2018

They say you need to write these race report things while there is still hype around the event or race in order to capitalize on the excitement that people has over your event. What is hype exactly? Apparently  extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion over  a product or idea – intensively, often exaggerating the benefits of the topic or product at hand.  With attention spans these days lasting no longer than an one minute Instagram video, I would usually try and capture your attention with a cool cover photo of runners in an epic location. Getting people to read to the bottom of an article is a different story all togehter. But, and this is a big BUT, the people that ran uitsoek has a bit of resilience or “vasbyt” as we like to call it in Mooi Afrikaans, and this article is for them, and about them.

Seeing that the hype around uitsoek has faded a bit for most of the athletes and all involved I felt that this is the best time to finally sit down and recap a bit after our own event this past weekend. Why only know? Why when the hype is over? Because Uitsoek is not about Hype…Uitsoek is about getting out there, getting back down to the root of  running a rugged and difficult trail. A trail that will literally tear you apart if you don’t watch out, a trail that has been kicking my butt since the day i set foot on it 4 years ago, a trail that has had me sitting on a rock crying making me feel like trail runnning is a stupid sport for crazy people! But somehow for some reason   I return every time for that old familiar feeling of accepting defeat, of when someone asks , Who Won ? I can with confidence say, the trail…


Needless to say The 4th edition of uitsoek was very different to previous years. We had a few firsts this year which included a 20km distance that we added as we felt that there were a big group of Locals that has been running trail for a while but a 40km on uitsoek terrain was still a bit of a push. Adding a distance added quite a bit of planning regarding ,routes aid stations and just general race logistics. During a route scout for the 20km we discovered a new section of  wild singletrack trail and we decided to bring this into the 40km and 10km, thus having our first route change since 2015 as well.

A special feature of this years race was that all three distances had the opportunity to pass the magnificent Bakkrans Waterfall. Sven came up with the brilliant idea to make the waterfall our main aid station, we knew that this would pose quite a challenge as getting down to the waterfall with a table and supplies was quite a big haul. We followed the mindset of our local running group approaching the haul with a fkt get ready attitude!😃


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