Elangeni Trail, Waterval Boven, South Africa


  • Elangeni Hiking Trail Waterval Boven, Mpumulanga, South Africa.


  • 24km Circular Route / 2 Day Overnight Hike


  • 950m Approximately


  • Moderate. Steep Climb at start. Rocky Single track trail, slippery forest section after heavy rain. Sublime Escarpment Running.        


  • Riverine Forest . Flowing Grassland . Waterfalls . Indigenous forests . Great Views over the Elands River Valley. 

Fauna And Flaura:

  • Indigenous trees. Endangered Grassland. Wild flowers. Wildlife such as Bushbuck , Duiker , Klipspringer , Kudu and Baboons. Also be on the lookout for Puff Adder, Black Mamba, and Mozambican Spitting Cobra’s that may be basking in the sun on the trail.


Contact Person: Adam 0837977505

GPS File Download link: elangeni trail GPX file

Elangeni Trail route profile

Topographic view of the Elangeni hiking trail route



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