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Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. You acknowledge and agree that the event is an endurance, off road sport, and that it is inherent that there is a risk of serious injury, illness, death and/or damage to participants’ person, supporters and equipment.
  2. You acknowledge that the risks inherent to the event include risks arising from your skill, ability, fitness, nutrition and fluid intake prior to as well as during the event, the terrain on which the event is held, weather conditions, environmental conditions, actions of other competitors, the event organisers, sponsors and their principals or representatives and agents. You undertake and agree to seek medical or other assistance from the event organisers if observing or sensing any hazard or unsafe condition which becomes of yourself as a participant, or becoming of any other participant in the event.
  3. You appreciate and understand the risks inherent to the event and your participation therein. You accept these risks and confirm that you enter and participate in the event at your own sole and absolute risk and discretion.
  4. You undertake to follow the rules of the event and all instructions given by the organiser of the event, marshals, support staff, medical officers or their principals, representatives or agents.
  5. During the event, event organisers, route marshals, medical personnel, or anyone authorised by them, reserve the right to withdraw a participant who is not deemed physically capable of continuing, or if their continuation on the route is considered to be dangerous or unsafe to either themselves, other participants, or place in danger the event organisers, marshals, sponsors, or medical personnel or their principals and agents.
  6. Medical support will be available for the duration of the event, at specific points considered necessary by the organisers. All and any medical expenses incurred for treatment provided to participants, including the costs of evacuation and/or transport to a medical facility, will be for the personal account of the participant.
  7. Whilst all reasonable safety and precautionary measures will be taken by the event organisers to ensure the safety of participants, supporters and spectators, the event organisers, sponsors, third party service providers, land owners on whose property the event is held, as well as the principals, representative and agents of these, do not accept any responsibility for any claim whatsoever arising from death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property resulting from entry or participation in the event.
  8. You accordingly indemnify and hold harmless the event organisers, sponsors, their principals and agents, against any claims arising as a result of entry or participation in the event, of whatever nature or howsoever caused, including, without limitation, any loss, injury, harm, illness, death or damage to the parties or property, including any claim for consequential loss or damage, costs, or any other claim arising from entry or participation in the event, including pre-event and post-event activities. This waiver applies to the entrant, executors, heirs, administrators and assigns.
  9. The final format of the proposed event is subject to change, depending on weather conditions, environmental factors, forestry operations in the area, or any other factors which are outside the control of the event organisers. Any changes to the initial advertised event format will be made primarily with the safety of participants in mind, and will be communicated to participants as soon as any such factors become evident which may lead to changes in the format of the event, or amendment to the event.
  10. You confirm that you understand the importance and meaning of the terms and conditions of entry and participation in the event, the meaning of the liability disclaimer, the waiver of claims and indemnity of the organisers and their agents. You acknowledge that you have been free to secure independent legal and/or other advice as to the nature and effect of all the provisions of this liability disclaimer, waiver and indemnity, and that you have either taken such independent legal and/or other advice, or dispensed with the necessity of so doing.
  11. By entering the event, you declare and warrant being in good health, physically fit, and capable to participate in the event.
  12. You agree to comply with the rules, conditions and regulations of the event, and obey route marshals, officials, race organisers and/or medical staff at all times while taking part in the event.
  13. You understand that you may be photographed or filmed before, during and after the event. You agree that the organisers, sponsors and their principals, representatives or agents may use such images or likeness of you together with your name for any legitimate purpose in connection with the coverage, reporting or promotion of the event or for promotion of future events to be held by the event organisers.